Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spanish satellite Amazonas 3 starts in-orbit tests

Amazonas 3, Hispasat’s communication satellite, has now started its systems, positioned its solar panels and begun its in-orbit test phase.

After reaching its geostationary orbit a week after its launch aboard an Arianespace Ariane 5 ECA on February 7, the Amazonas 3 satellite deployed four of its communications antennas. The Spanish satellite will then be taken to its definitive position at 61 degrees West after the successful completion of in-orbit tests. It will remain under the Hispasat technicians’ supervision.

Equipped with 52 simultaneous transponders -- 33 Ku-band, 19 C-band and 9 Ka-band beams -- the Amazonas 3 satellite aims to deliver advanced telecommunications services, distribution of TV platforms and deployment of corporate fixed and mobile telephone networks, broadband or integrated solutions for telecommunications operators.

Hispasat is the first Latin American operator to offer Ka-band services in the region.

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